W2108 Drowning Detection Device
W2108 Drowning Detection Device
Brief Detailed
Drowning Detection Device*
Model 2108
This Device is designed to prevent the swimmer accidentally drowning under the water. The whole system includes:
         1. Swimmer Unit
         2. Parent unit or Lifeguard Unit
         3. Public alarm Unit (Optional)
         4. Charger
The Swimmer unit includes:
a. RF transmitter
b. Pressure sensor
c. Re-chargeable battery
         The Parent unit or Lifeguard unit is a receiver with vibration alarm feature.
         The Public alarm unit is a receiver with an audible alert. It will be placed in a public place, so that every one can hear alert from the Swimmer in danger.
         The charger unit is to charge the Lithium battery in Swimmer and Parent/Life guard units. It has socket to hold one of each unit.
Swimmer Unit (Transmitter)
The swimmer unit is inserted in to the belt of the swimming goggles and is positioned at the back of the head.
Other mounting types can also be provided.
Parent/Life Guard Unit (Receiver)
The Parent/Life guard unit is worn on the wrist
Public Alarm unit (Optional)
A wall mounted unit with a speaker and LEDs is also available. The operation is same as Parent/Life guard unit (only audible alarm and flashing LEDs)
Charger Unit
Option: Junction box type charger unit to charge 10 swimmer units and 1 parent unit is also available
         Each unit will have two cap codes. One is a private cap code and another one is public cap code. The swimmer unit will send the alert signal on both cap codes, that means both parent unit and public unit will receive the alert signal from the swimmer unit if that person is in danger of drowning.
         The swimmer unit will detect the water depth continuously at a pre-determined period. When the device is under water at a certain depth (depth can be factory adjusted) for 30 seconds (also can be factory adjusted), the device will send a alert signal to the parent unit/ life guard unit and Public alarm unit to alert the people that some swimmer is in danger of drowning.
         The Parent unit and Life guard unit is a watch type receiver, which is worn on the wrist. When it receives the alert signal from the swimmer unit, the device will start vibrating in a certain pattern.
         One parent unit can monitor 1-3 swimmer units. The parent unit has the cap code-learning feature. It means the parent can memorize new swimmer unit by this feature.
         When swimmer unit is under water around 1.5 meters, the operating range between swimmer unit and parent unit will be around 80 meters.
         The device works on ISM frequency.
       For USA it is 418 or 315MHz 
       For Europe it is 433.9MHz
       For Japan, it is 429.92MHz
         The battery life for both swimmer unit and parent unit is about 6-7 days when the units are fully charged.
         Both devices will have a battery low indication (LED). When the battery power is running low, the swimmer unit will send the battery low signal to parent unit, the parent unit will vibrate in certain pattern.
         The parent unit will receive the signal from the swimmer unit when all the units are powered up and then memorize them in power up stage. The swimmer unit will send regular signal to parent unit once in every 30 seconds, if the parent unit cannot receive the signal from swimmer unit that could be:
         A. The swimmer unit is out of range.
         B. The device does not work. (Under this situation, the parent unit will vibrate in certain pattern)
Drowning Detection Device* is only a early warning system to alert the Parent/Life guard that the swimmer is in danger of drowning. The operation is limited within the specified range of the depth, duration and distance between the swimmer unit and parent units which are prefixed.
The user should ensure that the batteries in all units are fully charged before put in to operation