W2008P V2 (4 Line/8 Line Alphanumeric Pager)
W2008P V2 (4 Line/8 Line Alphanumeric Pager)
Brief Detailed
W2008P V2 (4 Line/8 Line Alphanumeric Pager)
Version 1.0
Frequency Range
138-174, 278-284, 405-480, 928-932MHz Bands
Channel Spacing
Signal Format
Data Transmission Rate
512bps or 1200bps or 2400bps
Modulation System
Carrier frequency shift keying (NRZ)
Frequency Deviation
Receiving Sensitivity
512bps 5uV/m, 1200bps 7uV/m, 2400bps 10uV/m
60dB ±25KHz
Image rejection
50dB (138—480MHz); 40dB (928—932MHz)
Spurious Rejection
60dB (138—284MHz); 50dB (405—932MHz)
Frequency Stability
±10ppm(138-284 MHz), ±5ppm(406-480 MHz), ±3ppm(928-932MHz)
Tone Alert Output
More than 75dB(SPL) 10cm, frequency 2731Hz
Operating Voltage
1.0V (min)
Operating Temp. Humidity
-10 to 40, 95% (at 40)
Storing Temp. Humidity
-10 to 70, 95% (at 40)
Message storage Capacity
19 Personal messages, 12 Mail drop messages, each 1400 ASCII, total 32Kbytes SRAM for memory storage.
Address Code
4 paging addresses, 1 address for Personal call o, rest of 3 addresses can be programmed as personal address or maildrop address
Display Format
4 Lines or 8 Lines
Time/Date Display
Real time with date displayed in 24 or 12 hours format
In Range Indication
If pager is within range of reception, "  " will not be displayed
Low Voltage Alert
Display will show "  " indicating low voltage
Backlight can be turned on manually under dim environment
Message Received Time
Message receiving time is memorized and displayed together
Message protection
16 messages
Message Deletion
Self messages can be deleted individually; self messages and mail drop can be deleted all.
Unread message
ICON will appear on display to remind unread message and audible alert (optional)
Duplicate Message
Duplicate message indication provided
Error Message
Error message indication provided
Melody Alert
8 Musical Tones
Tone Alert
4 different tone alerts, continuous audible alert (ccp selected)
Tone Alert Time
12~16 seconds
Vibration Alert
Build-in vibrator will be activated automatically to indicate receptions of calls
Silent Alert
Pager can receive message without vibration, tone alert
Built-in alarm function at preset time
Farsi, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Danish. Swedish.
OTA function
OTA function turns on/off self address and mail drop address
One “AA” battery (1.5V)
Battery Life
512dps, 2000 Hours (Alkaline battery), 1200bps, 1600 Hours (Alkaline battery)
Battery Back-up
15 seconds (when the battery is replaced)
135 gms. (including battery)
80.0x54.5x23.5 mm (without holster)
For Europe and North Africa market
Tel.: +335 53 31 55 00
For USA and Canada
Contact: UCC Wireless Corp.
Ms. Laura Murphy
Tel.: 888-763-7550 Ext 108