W2004T (4 Line/2 Line Chinese Pager)
W2004T (4 Line/2 Line Chinese Pager)
Brief Detailed
W2004T (4 Line/2 LineChinese Pager)
Version 1.0
Frequency Range
138-174, 278-284, 405-480, 928-932MHz Bands
Channel Spacing
Signal Format
Data Transmission Rate
512bps or 1200bps or 2400bps
Modulation System
Carrier frequency shift keying (NRZ)
Frequency Deviation
Receiving Sensitivity
512bps 5uV/m, 1200bps 7uV/m, 2400bps 10uV/m
60dB ±25KHz
Image rejection
50dB (138—480MHz); 40dB (928—932MHz)
Spurious Rejection
60dB (138—284MHz); 50dB (405—932MHz)
Frequency Stability
±10ppm(138-284 MHz), ±5ppm(406-480 MHz), ±3ppm(928-932MHz)
Tone Alert Output
More than 75dB(SPL) 10cm, frequency 2731Hz
Operating Voltage
1.0V (min)
Operating Temp. Humidity
-10 to 40℃, 95% (at 40℃)
Storing Temp. Humidity
-10 to 70℃, 95% (at 40℃)
Message storage Capacity
19 Personal messages, 12 Mail drop message
Address Code
4 paging addresses
Display Format
20 chars. x 4 lines + 1 line ICONS, or 20 chars x2 line+1line icon, user selectable
Time/Date Display
Real time with date displayed in 24 or 12 hours format
In Range Indication
If pager is within range of reception, "  " will not be displayed
Low Voltage Alert
Display will show "  " indicating low voltage
Backlight can be turned on manually under dim environment
Message Received Time
Message receiving time is memorized and displayed together
Message protection
16 messages
Melody Alert
8 Musical Tones
Tone Alert
4 different tone alerts, continuous audible alert (ccp selected)
Tone Alert Time
12~16 seconds
Vibration Alert
Build-in vibrator will be activated automatically to indicate receptions of calls
Silent Alert
Pager can receive message without vibration, tone alert
Built-in alarm function at preset time
One "AA" battery (1.5V)
Battery Life
512dps, 2000 Hours (Alkaline battery), 1200bps, 1600 Hours (Alkaline battery)
Battery Back-up
15 seconds (when the battery is replaced)
135 gms. (including battery)
(80.5L x 54.2W x 18.60H) mm without belt clip